Report + Support is an anonymous reporting tool for arts and creative sector workers. 
You can use this tool to voluntarily report incidents of bullying, harassment and sexual harassment 
that you have experienced or witnessed. 
Your report will be fully anonymous, safe and secure and you will not be asked to identify yourself 
or disclose personal information.

Information submitted through Report + Support will be analysed twice annually to do the following:

Provide up-to-date data on harmful behaviour in the sector.

Highlight areas of particular concern.

Inform the development and delivery of Safe to Create supports where they are most needed  
(e.g. training, legal supports, mediation and counselling).

Inform recommendations for sector-wide action.
The information provided through Report + Support will be invaluable to us all as we strive to improve workplace practices in the arts and creative sectors. 
Please note: action cannot be taken by Safe to Create on individual reports. 
If you have had a harmful experience about which you wish to make a formal complaint,
please read the STEPS TO TAKE section (click here for link) of our website on the Artist/Arts Worker page.
We understand how difficult it is to report and want to assure you that there is support available.
Minding Creative Minds helpline is available to you 24/7, offering free counselling and legal advice: you can call them at 1800 814 244 (in Ireland); 0800 0903677 (NI/UK); +353 1 5180277 (international) or visit 

You can tell us what happened through this website